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The mission statement of the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District is to provide for the protection of life and property that is threatened by fire, hazardous materials, accidents, disasters or medical emergencies. This will be carried out by a well-trained and well- equipped department that is responsive to the needs and desires of the citizens of the community.

Ambulance Purchases

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Currently our second out medic unit, we purchased this ambulance used from New England Fire Equipment. This unit is a 2011 Chevy Duramax ambulance built by Premiere. It was previously owned by the American Legion out of Connecticut, and had 40,900 miles on it when we purchased it. The cost to us was approximately $61,000 including a $3,700 delivery fee. The funds came from our equipment reserve fund.  This ambulance was the first one we have purchased since 2007 due to a lack of adequate funds in equipment reserve.  In the past the district has tried to replace an ambulance every 2 to 3 years in order to maintain mechanically reliable vehicles.  As a result of such a long period of use, the medic units we had were suffering many mechanical problems and it became necessary to buy a replacement despite the fact that we could not afford to order a new one.  This ambulance has been a good alternative.  It was purchased in January of 2015 and was placed in service in February of 2015.

Our newest medic unit is a Braun Northwest ambulance on a Ford F450 chassis with a 6.7 Liter diesel engine.  This ambulance is a four wheel drive unit, making it ideal for responses up the pass and specifically in the woods on the many logging and forest service roads in our district while also being a great ambulance for all other uses.  Brand new from the factory this ambulance cost the district $165,000.  It’s purchase was only possible thanks to an incredibly generous donation of $100,000 from a member of the community who wishes to remain anonymous.  The fire district took out a loan to cover the remainder of the cost. This unit was purchased in August of 2015 and was placed in service in October of 2015.

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Fire chief urge extreme caution with fireworks

The fire chiefs of Linn and Benton Counties are asking the public to exercise extreme caution with fireworks during this Fourth of July holiday weekend. The hot, dry weather and low snow pack have created fire conditions that are ripe for the ignition and spread of unwanted fires.

Only legal fireworks are permitted for use throughout Oregon. Oregon law forbids possession, use or sale of fireworks that fly, explode or travel more than six feet on the ground or 12 inches in the air. Bottle rockets, Roman candles, and firecrackers are examples of illegal fireworks in Oregon.

There are a number of local, state and federal agencies that have banned the use of all fireworks on their protected lands. Some of those agencies include Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon State Parks, US Department of Forestry, and the US Bureau of Land Management. Please follow specific laws and rules regarding fireworks use in these jurisdictions.

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to watch them at a community event and the fire chiefs would strongly encourage the public to watch fireworks shows in place of lighting off fireworks this year. However, the following safety precautions should be followed for adults when using fireworks:
* Light fireworks only on smooth, flat, hard surfaces, and aim them away from spectators, buildings, dry grass, and flammable materials.
* Keep a bucket of water, garden hose, or fire extinguisher handy.
* Do not try to relight fireworks that malfunction.
* Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or hold them close to your face.
* Do not modify fireworks or use homemade fireworks.
* Keep a phone handy and know first aid for burns.
* Ensure all fireworks are extinguished/cold before disposing in trash receptacles

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