Passerby alerts occupants which saved home from burning (Photo)

Today the Sweet Home Fire District responded to a house fire at 38230 Highway 228. On our arrival the home was no longer burning due to the homeowner extinguishing the fire with a garden hose. The 2 occupants where alerted when a passerby noticed the porch on fire and got everyone out of the home. The occupants were able to contain the fire to the porch before the fire spread into the house. Later in the day we were dispatched to a passerby calling in a house fire on Highway 20 near milepost 24. The 911 caller(s) did not stop and crews found a homeowner using their barbecue. If the Highway 228 passerby did not stop the outcome for the home and residents could have been very different. We ask that if you see a fire please call 911 and try to alert the occupants. If this isn’t possible please remain in your vehicle or at a safe distance and wait for emergency crews. Thanks to crews from Brownsville Fire, Lebanon Fire District and Oregon Department of Forestry that responded to these incidents.
If photo is available it can be found here
Passerby alerts occupants which saved home from burning (Photo)

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