2 Logging accidents in snow in the past 72 hours (Photo)

Today at 1018 am the fire district personnel responded to a logging accident that occurred on the Ames Creek mainline. The pt was a 31 year old male who had been struck in the head with a log during their operations. The logging crew did an excellent job packaging the patient and getting him to the road where EMS could access him. The patient was flown to Riverbend Hospital by REACH helicopter.

Monday, December 5th at 3:56 pm, a yarder operator was struck in the legs when a log came through the cab of his machine. That patient was also transported to Riverbend Hospital by ground ambulance.

Sweet Home Fire was able to make access to both these loggers because of our new four wheel drive medic unit. This was made possible thanks to the anonymous donation that allowed Sweet Home Fire to purchase the four wheel drive medic unit. EMS crews were able to safely navigate the snow covered roads to reach the patient. The donors intent for the four wheel drive medic unit was for medics to have the ability to access injured loggers where a two wheel drive medic unit could not.
If photo is available it can be found here
2 Logging accidents in snow in the past 72 hours (Photo)

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