Surplus vehicles for sale

Sweet Home Fire District will be accepting sealed bids for three surplus vehicles.  All bids must be submitted between  04/20/2018 and 05/25/2018. The bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope or via email to jmayfield@sweethomefire.org  with the Item number clearly marked on the front. The bid must include your name, contact number, and the amount for the bid as well as the item number(s). If bidding on multiple items, please make it clear which amount is to which item. Those bids that are not submitted properly and with sufficient information will not be considered. These vehicles are available to view during normal business hours. Item number 1 is a white 1988 Ford F-350 dually 4×4. The motor is a V8 diesel with a 5-speed manual transmission with 23,903 miles. This vehicle is equipped with a 200-gallon water tank and a BB-4 80 GPM pump. The minimum bid is $4,000. Vehicle number 2 is a red 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4X4 dually, with a magnum V10 gas motor and an automatic transmission with 106,943 miles. This vehicle is equipped with a 200-gallon water tank and a gas Honda GX 390 pump. The minimum bid is $3,000. Item number 3 is a 1981 Ford LT 9000 with a Detroit diesel motor and Allison HT 740 D automatic transmission with 17,872 miles. This vehicle has a 2000 gallon water tank and is equipped with a front mounted 1000 GPM Hale pump model number 47890. This vehicle has pump and roll capabilities. The minimum bid is $6,000


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