Discarded Cigarette Sparks Devastating House Fire

The Sweet Home Fire District responded to a house fire on Osage street around 11:30 this morning.  When fire apparatus arrived on scene they found a double-wide manufactured home with smoke coming from the void space between the ceiling and the roof.  Crews from the Oregon Department of Forestry were already assisting in firefighting operations, having extinguished the flames on the outside of the home helping to stop the spread of fire beyond that structure as well as limiting the damage to that structure. Crews continued to battle the fire and overhaul the structure for several hours with help from a mutual aid engine response from the neighboring Lebanon Fire Department.  All occupants of the home were able to escape the fire without injury, however, the home sustained heavy damage.  An investigation led by the Oregon State Fire Marshal's Office determined the start of the fire to be unintentional and the cause was determined to be a discarded cigarette that had fallen against a plastic vent cover in the foundation of the home.  The cigarette melted the vent until it ignited and the fire then spread to the exterior siding and from there into the void space between the roof and ceiling.

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Discarded Cigarette Sparks Devastating House Fire

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