The Sweet Home Fire & Ambulance District provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance service to our patrons by staffing a minimum of one ambulance 24 hours a day. When shifts are at full staff two ambulances are available.

The District operates four ALS ambulances, if more than two are needed at any one time, we rely on off duty medics to staff additional apparatus.  Our staffing includes three shifts working a 24 hour on 48 hour off schedule. The shifts consist of a Three FirefighterParamedics, an Intern EMT and a Resident Volunteer.  We also supplement the EMS operation with several dedicated volunteers.

Our ASA (Ambulance Service Area) covers approximately 1000 Sq. miles of a very diverse geographical and demographical region. We serve a largely retired static population as well as an influx of people who regularly use our many recreational opportunities. Our District has numerous lakes and rivers with some very rugged terrain, including wilderness area. This provides some unique training challenges in keeping our emergency responders proficient not only in EMS, but in several aspects of rescue.  It also means specialized equipment and apparatus must be purchased and maintained.

In 2006 our district responded to 2303 calls for service. Of that amount 2001 or around 87% of the calls were EMS in nature. We also offer Intern Medic and Resident Volunteer programs, which provide excellent training opportunities for those considering the fire service as a career. 

If you would like additional information or have any questions about any of our Districts EMS programs please call 541-367-5882 or send us an e-mail.

Sweet Home Fire Department began in October, 1938, with the acceptance by the City of Sweet Home of an offer of Aid By Way of Loan and Grant from the U.S. Government. Soon there after plans for a City Water Supply and establishment of a Fire Department were approved and set into motion. The bid included a Fire Department building and “necessary operating equipment”. 

Sweet Home Fire & Ambulance

In an emergency, please call 911.

1099 Long Street, Sweet Home, OR, 97386